Drag Brunch

The Three Ring Drag Brunch has a new name and venue.

With the closing of Circus The Three Ring Drag Brunch is moving to Wall Street Night Club and will now be known as the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Vivian and I are extremely excited about this next phase of the Drag Brunch.

As much as we will miss Circus we are both happy to have this opportunity to work with the wonderful staff at Wall Street Night Club.

The first Drag Brunch at Wall Street will be Oct 26: it’s the Trio of Terror Edition featuring Vivian along with Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins.

We have chosen a menu we feel everyone will enjoy. I can’t wait for you all to see what we are doing.

Tickets the brunch can be purchased at Three Queen Drag Brunch Ordering

Oct 26 Brunch

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So any one familiar with Vivian should know about one year into her existence her wardrobe, hair, shows and everything Drag grew too big for our house and we had to rent an art studio space that we fondly named Wonder Viv Studio. Now some of you may think that since we have a separate space for everything Vivian there would be no infestation of drag or as I like to call Dragfestation of the house. Well I’m here to tell you, you would be WRONG. I swear that there is not a week that goes by that there isn’t some form of Dragfestation of the house. It’s either costumes from a past show or ones for an upcoming show or costumes we recently picked up from KY. Sometimes it’s costumes that something needs laundered or hand washed, or a spot that needs some attention. It may be jewelry that needs cleaned, repaired, etc. I could go on and on with the different Dragfestations that I have experienced. The current Dragfestation looks like Vivian exploded all over the dining room. There are costumes hanging from the French doors separating the living and dinning rooms, wigs on every flat surface she could find. Plus new costumes folded over the dinning room chairs because we forgot hangers and garment bags when picked them up this past Sunday in Kentucky. My favorite item is the show girl head piece on the wig head in the plastic bag to keep it from getting dusty on the extra end table in the dining room. Thankfully Vivian cleaned up the make up from the dining room table before we left to pick up the newest costumes. Now I will admit some of the Dragfestation is my fault because I do not like going to the studio to drop off costumes. Let’s face it takes a lot for Vivian to look good which translate to TONS of stuff to be dropped off. So Vivian does have to wait for me to be “in the mood”. Other times it’s Vivian’s fault because she hasn’t aired out, sprayed with Febreeze and let the pieces dry that were recently worn. Something she does after EVERY performance so her costumes don’t smell. HINT. Then there are honestly other times we are just too busy so the Dragfestation just keeps growing till I finally have enough and we deal with it and wait the onslaught of the next one. Fighting Dragfestations is a ugly job, but one this Drag Husband pledges to conquer.

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YES, Facebook, Drag Queens are REAL!!!!!

As many of you are aware Facebook for reasons unknown to anyone has decided to start enforcing their policy in regards to using only one’s real name for profiles. This decision has affected many entertainers across the country but none more than Drag Queens.
For a Drag Queen their drag name is a real name. The majority have spent years making their name memorable and recognizable. Along with this for most a drag name is not chosen lightly. There are numerous different reasons one chooses the name they use. For some it is because it made them laugh, others it is because it as a meaning to them and some because it honors the person who help them get started in the art form. These are only few reasons every queen has their own.
Some Drag Queens use a separate profile for their drag persona because people close to them don’t know they do drag or maybe they could be fired from their job if it was learned they performed in drag. Even worse some use a separate name for fear they would be kicked out of their house and/or shunned by their family. 

There also some Drag Queens that use a separate profile because it allows them to really immerse themselves in their drag persona. For many queens their drag persona is nothing like their alter ego and that separation is needed. Others just like keeping the two separate because it allows them a chance to escape from the art form from time to time.
So for Facebook to come along and tell these entertainers their name is not real is offensive.
The Von Bs were a victim of this over the weekend. Both Vivian’s profile and mine were “suspended” till we can prove that is who we are. To me the whole issue is ridiculous. Vivian and I have spent the last 5 years making the Von Brokenhymen name not just a name but a brand that represents an image in the drag community and I like to feel we have achieved that. So for Facebook to now say that name is not real is wrong and a huge insult. That name has raised tens of thousands of dollars for different charities over the last five year and brought attention host of different issues. Please explain to me how that is not real.
If you want to stay current with the Von Bs like our new Facebook page: The Von Bs

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Wonder Viv Sketches





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Thank You Vivian

So any regular reader of the Diary knows Vivian and I have a complicated relationship. She brings so much happiness to Jeff and I love Jeff with all my heart so by default I love Vivian. However Vivian the character is a completely different story. She is something that at times can bring me great joy and at other times tons of aggravation.
Now to be fair this aggravation doesn’t stem 100% from Vivian’s spending and time commitment, some of it is tied to world of drag and all of the ins and outs on how to maneuver one’s journey through that world. I can not tell you how many times Vivian and I have had the conversation if we would have known almost 5 years ago what we know now that there was a chance Vivian would have never been created.
This exact conversation came up between Vivian and friend she was having dinner with the other night. If you follow Vivian on Facebook (which you should) you know she posted the following status about that conversation:

“….. I eventually found myself making a comment that I’ve made many times….”Had I known 5 years ago, what I know now regarding the expense of drag as well as the messed up politics, I’d have never started”. Well, I need to retract that statement. Drag has afforded me so many incredible opportunities to meet people that I otherwise never would have. I’ve been able to give back to my community via fundraisers and charitable work….so NO, I would still choose this path. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, the good and the bad, have all shaped who I am as an entertainer and even more so as a person. I’ve made some incredible friendships….how could I ever think for a minute that I could have passed those up? So, nope, I’m quite happy with where I’m at right now. I’ll continue to do this until it’s not fun any longer……”

Now before I continue some of you may want to sit down. Okay I hope you are all sitting down. I have to agree 100%. Does Vivian and all the baggage, which comes with her and drag, get to me from time to time? HELL Yes it does, as stated in the past, that is part of the reason I started the diary. However at the end of the day Vivian has allowed us to meet some amazing people and get involved with some very important causes.

Over the course of the last 5 years, Vivian along with other entertainers has helped raised tens of thousands of dollars for not only local Columbus Ohio causes but national ones as well. This aspect of the art of drag has become quite important to both of us. Any time the Von Bs have the chance to help raise money, awareness or both for an issue that is important to us, you will find us there lending our time and energy.

This year is the perfect example of this. Earlier this year Vivian and I read the story of Michael Morones and it touched both of us deeply because we have both been bullied in the past. So once we learned of our friend, Paul Richmond’s, Art for Michael sponsored by the You Will Rise Project we knew we had to get involved. This spawned the Art + Drag for Michael Show in which we had the honor of having Michael’s mother, Tiffany Morones-Suttle attend and raise over $4000 for Michael’s medical expenses and the Michael Morones Foundation, started in his honor. After this collaboration the Von Bs were asked to join the You Will Rise Project organization which we were both honored to do so and very excited to see what else we can do the raise awareness of bullying.

Vivian also had the tremendous opportunity to host shows at a home bar this year. This has not only allowed Vivian to hone her art form but for the Von Bs to have a platform to raise money each and every month for causes that don’t always receive the attention they should. This is something I am extremely grateful for. I never really understood the attraction to philanthropy until Vivian. I have to say it’s addictive and something I’m very glad I have had to opportunity to become involved with.

Vivian and I both feel there is more to drag than just the entertainment part. Yes that is important but in our humble opinions it should be about giving and having fun first everything else is after that. When we can no longer give back or have fun the Von Bs will gracefully bow out, but until then we will continue to fight to make not only the GLBTQ community better but the world.

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Drag Bus

So this past weekend Vivian was not crazy busy, that is this coming weekend, but I have to say by the end of the weekend I felt like I was hit by a drag bus and to be honest I’m not sure why, I’m just glad I survived it.

It started Friday with our monthly Von B vacation to Kentucky. If you aren’t familiar with what these are let me quickly explain. Due to Vivian’s passion for costumes we don’t get to take real vacations to fun and exciting places. No we take one day vacations to Vivian’s costume designers, Patrick & Troy in Kentucky, so she can have new costumes. This one was extremely special for Vivian because se was coming off a 2 month dry spell of no costumes. Now this wasn’t Vivian’s choice and I wish I could say I had something to do it with but I didn’t. It was due to Patrick & Troy being so busy with pageant packages that were not able to do anything new for Vivian. By the end of these 2 months she was going through withdrawal and the funny thing is in that period she did receive 2 new costumes, one by Troy and one by Samantha Rollins. However, if you listen to Vivian it was like she hadn’t received anything new.
So this trip consisted of 3 new pieces and in usual fashion they were fantastic, so Vivian was pleased and as an extra bonus they came in under budget so yours truly was extremely pleased.

The trip was rough though, traffic was terrible and it almost rained no stop roundtrip. Driving at night in the rain when one is tired is not fun. For the first time in 3 years of traveling to Kentucky we were late getting there but that was actually a good thing because every thing was ready to be fitted. I believe we were in and out in an hour and half if not quicker. All I know it was the quickest fitting we ever had. We arrived home around 1:30 am.

Saturday morning and afternoon were not crazy they were kind of laid back. Around 4 pm we headed over to Wonder Viv Studio so Vivian could paint a friend for a turn about show and I ran some errands. While I was at Wonder Viv I found our Viv cash and I decided to bring some to Cavan with me so people could tip Hellin’, more on that later. Once this was done we went home so Vivian could paint for that evening’s show with Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins.

Now by this point I was still feeling the previous day’s vacation so I took a nap so I have no idea why it seemed Vivian painted extremely slowly in my opinion but none the less she finished and we arrived at Cavan where I passed out the Viv Cash.

So the show starts and everyone in the bar goes up to Hellin’ and tips her with the fake Viv Cash. Once she realized what was happening she stopped her number and told the crowd she was starting again and to please not tip her with money that would more than likely burn her skin. It was priceless I have to say.

The show proceeded with the usual banter between the Trio of Trouble. Vivian even was surprised by a visit from a Facebook friend she had never met in person who was in town and wanted to see her perform.

After the show we headed to get some food and got home around 3 am. On Sunday we vegged until my softball game at 4 pm where I tripped and slammed the back of my head on the infield. Luckily the only thing that was bruised was my ego.

So that was the weekend where I was hit by the Drag Bus.

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It’s been a few weeks since Jeff learned about Tom’s “condition”. He couldn’t say he was pleased about how it was discovered but he was relieved to not have to worry about his husband getting hurt any longer. The creature Tom turned into seemed to be almost indestructible from what Jeff has seen. There was factor of this revelation that Jeff was not looking forward to and that was hearing Tom the entire way down to see Mr. H about the Wonder Tank and that day was today.

“Okay let’s agree on one thing Thomas there will be no BITCHING about the Wonder Tank on this trip” Jeff stated as he got into the car.

Tom could not believe what he just heard. “Are you kidding me? Not only did you order something we did not need. What you ordered caused us to have to rent a flat bed truck to pick it up. So do you really think I wouldn’t have some thing to say about this? Now are you ready to go get our flat bed truck?”

“Well mister I would have never ordered the tank if you would have told me what was going on with you. I was concerned for yours and the boys’ safety. If I would have known my husband was a living, breathing tank I would not have felt I needed a steel tank. So really if you stop and think about it, this is your fault; like most things.” Jeff knew that last comment was going to hit a nerve but he couldn’t resist it. He loved seeing Tom’s reaction when ever he spun thinks around back onto him. Granted it most cases it’s not true and this case is one of those, but he loves teasing his husband like this.

Did they need the Wonder Tank? Not really and Jeff knew that but he honestly was worried about Tom and his safety if he was ever caught out with Wonder Viv. It wasn’t until he mentioned his concern to Mr. H that the topic of a tank even came up. It was said it jest but then the more he thought about it the more he like the idea, so he ordered it. He knew he should have ran this by Tom but as always Jeff’s line of thought was: easy to ask for forgiveness than permission.

“I can’t believe you even said that with a straight face” just as Tom said that Jeff busted into laughter and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “You are lucky I love you.” Jeff smiled and responded “I Know. Now let’s get this show on the road.”

It took Tom a few days to find a flat bed truck they could rent that would carry a tank. It didn’t help that he couldn’t be 100 % truthful about what he needed to transport but after several phone calls. Tom found a company that rented them and didn’t ask too many questions.

“You never did tell me how you found this place? Renting a flat bed truck to transport a tank couldn’t have been easy.”

Tom shook his head “Trust me it wasn’t and it took some time and all my talents to forge fake documents to create a business that would have a legitimate need for a flat bed truck. Oh and let’s not forget the expense, but as usual what Vivian wants Vivian gets.”

Tom and Jeff pulled up to Penske truck rental. “Really how hard could it have been?” Jeff sarcastically asked.

“Tell you what Jeff next time you order a 20 ton tank you can find a place that rents heavy duty transports. It’s not as easy as you may think. It’s really not an every day request for an average business. So yes it’s a large company but that size worked to our advantage. As long as I had the right paperwork and the money that’s all that was needed. So shut it and let’s go get your tank.”

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A New Job

So from time to time I have update my Drag Husband resume. Being a Drag Husband basically means being a jack of all things drag. However some times a very specific job comes up that I have either learned or realized I have been doing for Vivian. The new job that now falls under my responsibility is Show Poster Designer and to be honest I am having a blast.

Up until recently there has been no reason for Vivian to have ads designed. All shows that she would perform in have been other queen’s shows. Now that Vivian is hosting 5 shows a month and performing in a sixth one, the need for show posters developed.

So yours truly did what any good Drag Husband would do. I purchased Photoshop and started designing show posters. Now we all know that even though I may be designing the posters Vivian has final say on how they look and what should be used…..lol. I can’t tell you how many times she demanded, no let’s go with requested a change in the font that I used. I have a tendency to use fonts that connect to poster even if that font is not the easiest to read. Yea Yea I know readable should be a consideration, but there are so many fun fonts out there. So once I get the fun font out of my system Vivian will come along and say “You need to change the font it’s not going to be easy to read.” When she makes the request I never tell her she is right but we both know that she is.

I will admit lately I have been taking that into consideration when choosing the font I want to use. I figure I’m not going to change her opinion so I may as well join her. It is Vivian’s world after all and I’m just along for the ride!

To date I have done at least 12 show posters for Vivian. Some of them have been the same poster just with a change in the show date and performers, but I do try to create original ones as much as possible. Out of all the posters I have done there has only been one Vivian has said after the fact she didn’t like. My response was “Well you approved it.” LOL It wasn’t so much Vivian didn’t like the ad it was more the colors. It was a bright ad and she prefers more of a vintage look.

Out of my job responsibilities for Viv Inc Show Poster Designer is my favorite.

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Another Dragnado Survived

So my Vivettes, I survived the latest Dragnado that hit the Von Bs this past weekend.

It started Thursday night when Vivian kicked off her newest show: The Friday Eve Show at Circus. This was subtitled The Siamese Twin Edition because her “twin” Hellin’ Bedd joined her in the fun. Being that Thursday was also Red White & Boom, Columbus’s firework display, the ladies had a lot of people to play with as they walked by the bar on their way home. One of the best things about Circus is that the front is all windows and it’s located on North High Street. For part of the Show Vivian and Hellin’ were out front talking and joking with individuals. I have to say for some reason both of the ladies were out of control Thursday night, not in a bad way, but in a funny entertaining way. Well I thought they were, who knows what others thought, especially the passersby…..lol. The exciting thing about this show is you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas. So you want a free trip to Vegas you should check Vivian out this coming Thursday, July 10th at 10:30 pm at Circus in the Short North.
Friday night Vivian helped Samantha Rollins celebrate her birthday at Southbend Tavern along with Orion Hyde and Miley Justice. Southbend is not a venue Vivian gets to perform at very frequently but the crowd really enjoyed her and the staff was fantastic to her. Vivian really impressed me with this show because she did something she normally does not do. She chose and learned the songs she performed earlier that afternoon. This is some thing very unusual for Vivian normally she works on songs for a few days, so I have to say I was very happy to see Vivian do this especially after seeing her performance.

Thank you to Samantha and Southbend for having Vivian, hopefully we can do it again in the future.

Saturday there was no drag but we went to friend’s karaoke party and even out of drag people want to see Vivian perform so her and a friend performed two songs. Yours truly does not perform and especially not karaoke. Of course the one thing Vivian kept hearing all night was next time you need to come in drag….lol. The funny thing about that is she did she wouldn’t be able to sing because of being corseted so tight.

Sunday it was the Red White and Boom Three Ring Drag Brunch. This week Vivian welcomed Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins and as usual these three together are HILARIOUS. The banter back and forth keeps the audience laughing the entire time. If you have not seen a show with these 3 I really recommend you do. If you have not been to a drag brunch you have another chance this Sunday July 13 at 11 am.

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Dragnado Strikes Again

My apologies my Vivettes for the delay in this entry but the Dragnado, which hit the Von Bs of the past weekend was a strong one and completely kicked my butt yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to compose a diary entry.

So over the past weekend not only was Vivian in drag all 3 days but Mr. Von B played 2 softball games and we attended a show.

Let’s start with Friday Night, the monthly Big Top Friday show at Circus. This month Hellin was away getting some backwood plastic surgery so Samantha Rollins and Vivian welcomed Miss Cassandra Terrace and Vee Love to perform with them. The bar had a great crowd. The majority in attendance have never been to a drag show before so that is always an interesting dynamic and Friday night was no exception. At first you could tell the audience did not know what to expect and were a little timid, but after a few more drinks and one set they knew they were in for a good time and they loosened up and just allowed themselves to enjoy the show. Vivian and Samantha on the mic together is always fun.

Then on Saturday Vivian filled in as hostess at Cavan Irish Pub as Hellin was getting her new nose. Now I will say I was a little nervous about this show because Mrs. Bedd’s audience is quit loyal and even they they know Vivian I wasn’t sure if they would like her style of hosting which is different from Hellin’s. Well as usual I had nothing to worry about. Vivian did a great job and had a blast filling in. Thank you Samantha and Nikole Trader for joining Vivian on her first hosting gig at Cavan Irish Pub.

Sunday was the worse of the Dragnado. We started off with Leggs & Eggs, a Burlesque Brunch at Circus Vivian was asked to host. Now I have to say being a gay man who does not like boobs in the least I did not know what to expect from this or if I would even enjoy it. Surprising I did, I won’t say it would be first choice for entertainment but all the performers were very good and knew how to work the stage.

After brunch I played 2 softball games and Vivian attended the Columbus  Gay Men’s Chorus Big Gay Sing concert hosted by Nina West. My team one now and lost one and Vivian enjoyed the concert and said it was a very good show.

After the concert the Von Bs stop by a friend’s open house of their new photography studio and they we were off to Wall Street Night Club for our friend Deva Station’s show Blockbusters. This was a dance show which Deva choreographed and let me tell you those dancers were AMAZING and I highly recommend you attend the next one.

So there you have we were hit by a Dragnado once again and another one is forecast to hit this coming weekend as well. Stay tune to see if we survive that one.


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