Here I Wait

Funny what a difference time can make in one’s life. When I first came out of the closet 20 plus years ago, marriage really wasn’t something I was concerned about or even really interested in. Now there were many reasons, why I felt that way, however the top 2 I would have to say was well it wasn’t legal and I never thought it would be; add to that my ex wasn’t the ONE. Yes there were times that I thought he was, but don’t we all do when it comes to our first loves. Now I will have to admit there is small part of me that is glad marriage equality didn’t exist back then, because I’m pretty sure I would have married him(if he would have said yes). Marrying him would have been an even bigger mistake than wasting 10 years of my life with him.

Now I sit here at 44 pissed that I can’t marry the person I know is the ONE all because he just happens to be the same sex of me. With every state that gained marriage equality I would get a little more pissed. My anger stemmed from jealousy and disgust that individuals in this country believe it is perfectly expectable to deny citizens equal rights in this day and age. Then yesterday the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed federal rulings legalizing marriage equality in 4 states, which includes Ohio where Vivian and I live.
I would like to stay I was shocked when I heard about the ruling but I wasn’t. What did shock me was how upset I was when I heard the news. I am upset because I honestly never thought I would be able to get married in my lifetime. Did I hope I would be able to? Of course I did. So to come so far, so fast and be so close is quite upsetting. Yes I know Vivian and I could go to a different state and marry, but it wouldn’t be recognized where we live and honestly why should we have to. Not only is it an added expensive but it takes us away from those that we would want to share the day with.

My desire to marry isn’t about special rights or forcing anyone to change what their religious beliefs are. It’s about wanting to share my life with an incredible man that has not only made me a better person but makes the world a better place. It’s about me wanting to protect my family if something happens to either one of. It’s about declaring our love in front of family and friends and having it recognized as equal. None of this matter to me when I was with my ex because he wasn’t the ONE. Yes I loved him but it wasn’t the type of love that completes you.

Vivian is the ONE, she completes me, she makes me a better person. All I want to do is marry her. I don’t want to change the world I just want to live in it and be able to protect the person I love with all my heart.

I have waited 20 plus years, haven’t I waited long enough?

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3(less) Queen Drag Brunch

Well sadly the Three Queen Drag Brunch had to be shelved. I will admit I’m a little disappointed that we had to do this. Odd I know considering how much I complain about Vivian, but for me the Drag Brunch was the area that Vivian really shined. This was the closest everyone else came to seeing the Vivian I see and know is in there. I was positive if the brunch kept going that finally the REAL Vivian would be presented 100 % of the time.

Not really sure what happened. I still feel the Drag Brunch is popular and people want to attend. I do feel part of the problem was needing to make a change to guest paying for their tickets in advance. Even though this change was necessary to allow us to pay for the catering I don’t feel our guests were ready for that change, along with a new venue and a new menu all at once. Maybe we should have gone to paying in advance when the Drag Brunch was at Circus, who knows.

The one thing I do know is this is not the end of the  Drag Brunch, I don’t give up that easily. Especially when I feel something is worth and I feel this is worth it. Not just because Vivian shines but for Columbus Drag as a whole. Month after month I feel this show was introducing individuals to drag that never had the chance before. The audience that attended was completely different than ones that attend late night shows. People were really connecting to Vivian at an hour they enjoyed. So stay tune the Drag Brunch may be shelved for the moment, but you can’t keep that t

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Up until recently when ever Jeff and I have been in public people don’t realize he is Vivian. A large of that is because Vivian’s transformation is so severe between how she paints her face, her hip pads, and her corseted mid section. I will in admit in the beginning even I didn’t recognize Jeff in Vivian when I saw pictures of Vivian. That has since change after seeing Jeff transform into Vivian so many times over the last five years.

Well over the last few months that has changed. More and more when are out and meet people for the first time they recognize that Jeff is Vivian. Now this isn’t because Jeff has changed something in his transformation into Vivian. The first couple times neither of us were able to figure why more and more people were recognizing Jeff as Vivian. Then finally some one told us they realized it, the give away was me.

Yes people still don’t recognize Jeff and Vivian but because Mr. Von B is always with Vivian where she is in face or not people are starting to put 2 and 2 together and getting Vivian. This just happened the other night  and I joked on the way home that I may have to start going out in Drag….lol….to keep Vivian’s alter ego incognito. Now we all know that is never going to happened but the thought of it made Vivian giggle.

For me I just find it funny I am recognized which leads to people realizing Jeff is Vivian. I guess there is no more reason for me to stay in the shadows because obviously it isn’t working.



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Mr. Von B’s first painting

So for the last couple of months I have been taking a painting class taught by my friend Paul Richmond. The first few weeks I just sketched. After those few weeks I decided I needed to start painting especially if I wanted to color my own sketches for Wonder Viv.

Well I can say I finish my first painting. Nothing spectacular but I am happy with it.


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More sketches

Tinker-Bell Viv-Bride

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New Wonder Viv Sketch


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Drag Brunch

The Three Ring Drag Brunch has a new name and venue.

With the closing of Circus The Three Ring Drag Brunch is moving to Wall Street Night Club and will now be known as the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Vivian and I are extremely excited about this next phase of the Drag Brunch.

As much as we will miss Circus we are both happy to have this opportunity to work with the wonderful staff at Wall Street Night Club.

The first Drag Brunch at Wall Street will be Oct 26: it’s the Trio of Terror Edition featuring Vivian along with Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins.

We have chosen a menu we feel everyone will enjoy. I can’t wait for you all to see what we are doing.

Tickets the brunch can be purchased at Three Queen Drag Brunch Ordering

Oct 26 Brunch

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So any one familiar with Vivian should know about one year into her existence her wardrobe, hair, shows and everything Drag grew too big for our house and we had to rent an art studio space that we fondly named Wonder Viv Studio. Now some of you may think that since we have a separate space for everything Vivian there would be no infestation of drag or as I like to call Dragfestation of the house. Well I’m here to tell you, you would be WRONG. I swear that there is not a week that goes by that there isn’t some form of Dragfestation of the house. It’s either costumes from a past show or ones for an upcoming show or costumes we recently picked up from KY. Sometimes it’s costumes that something needs laundered or hand washed, or a spot that needs some attention. It may be jewelry that needs cleaned, repaired, etc. I could go on and on with the different Dragfestations that I have experienced. The current Dragfestation looks like Vivian exploded all over the dining room. There are costumes hanging from the French doors separating the living and dinning rooms, wigs on every flat surface she could find. Plus new costumes folded over the dinning room chairs because we forgot hangers and garment bags when picked them up this past Sunday in Kentucky. My favorite item is the show girl head piece on the wig head in the plastic bag to keep it from getting dusty on the extra end table in the dining room. Thankfully Vivian cleaned up the make up from the dining room table before we left to pick up the newest costumes. Now I will admit some of the Dragfestation is my fault because I do not like going to the studio to drop off costumes. Let’s face it takes a lot for Vivian to look good which translate to TONS of stuff to be dropped off. So Vivian does have to wait for me to be “in the mood”. Other times it’s Vivian’s fault because she hasn’t aired out, sprayed with Febreeze and let the pieces dry that were recently worn. Something she does after EVERY performance so her costumes don’t smell. HINT. Then there are honestly other times we are just too busy so the Dragfestation just keeps growing till I finally have enough and we deal with it and wait the onslaught of the next one. Fighting Dragfestations is a ugly job, but one this Drag Husband pledges to conquer.

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YES, Facebook, Drag Queens are REAL!!!!!

As many of you are aware Facebook for reasons unknown to anyone has decided to start enforcing their policy in regards to using only one’s real name for profiles. This decision has affected many entertainers across the country but none more than Drag Queens.
For a Drag Queen their drag name is a real name. The majority have spent years making their name memorable and recognizable. Along with this for most a drag name is not chosen lightly. There are numerous different reasons one chooses the name they use. For some it is because it made them laugh, others it is because it as a meaning to them and some because it honors the person who help them get started in the art form. These are only few reasons every queen has their own.
Some Drag Queens use a separate profile for their drag persona because people close to them don’t know they do drag or maybe they could be fired from their job if it was learned they performed in drag. Even worse some use a separate name for fear they would be kicked out of their house and/or shunned by their family. 

There also some Drag Queens that use a separate profile because it allows them to really immerse themselves in their drag persona. For many queens their drag persona is nothing like their alter ego and that separation is needed. Others just like keeping the two separate because it allows them a chance to escape from the art form from time to time.
So for Facebook to come along and tell these entertainers their name is not real is offensive.
The Von Bs were a victim of this over the weekend. Both Vivian’s profile and mine were “suspended” till we can prove that is who we are. To me the whole issue is ridiculous. Vivian and I have spent the last 5 years making the Von Brokenhymen name not just a name but a brand that represents an image in the drag community and I like to feel we have achieved that. So for Facebook to now say that name is not real is wrong and a huge insult. That name has raised tens of thousands of dollars for different charities over the last five year and brought attention host of different issues. Please explain to me how that is not real.
If you want to stay current with the Von Bs like our new Facebook page: The Von Bs

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Wonder Viv Sketches





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