Weekend of Equality

Yea I know this recap is a day or two late and I apologize my Vivettes but  between work, Vivian, the Coconut Twins, and Dragscaping the yard; time has been getting away from me extremely quickly.

Not only was this past weekend a historical one with Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land but the Von Bs had both of their fourth week shows.

Friday night it was The Queens & Weiners show at Dirty Franks West. If you haven’t been to this show yet you are really missing out. It is hosted by 2/3 of The Trio of Trouble (Samantha and Vivian) and these two together are a force to be recon with on the mic. The banter back and forth is worth the price of admission which is free, LOL. On Friday they were joined by the one and only Britney (with an e) Blaire and the show was out of the world. After the Supreme Court ruling everyone was ready to party and boy they did. The entire place was packed for the 2 hour show. The fun started the moment we walked in with everyone applauding Vivian’s entrance to the request for the 3 Weiner Queens to perform “It’s Raining Men”. Vivian and Britney danced with a baby. Samantha insulted Vivian, Vivian insulted back (it’s their thing) and everyone ate, drank and most importantly laughed. This show is always the fourth Friday of the month and never ceases to amaze. So mark your calendar the next one is July 24, when Blahze Brown joins Samantha and Vivian for some fun.

Sunday morning it was The Three Queen Drag Brunch at King Ave 5. It’s has slowly became a fixture in a lot of people’s Sunday Funday and I’m so thankful it has. This month Vivian’s guests were Samantha Rollins and Wendy Williams from Kentucky, 2 drag legends. This was Wendy’s first time and lunch and she was  AMAZING!! I’m so glad Vivian was able to get her to Columbus. She was so much fun and the audience just LOVED her.

Now Samantha was in the middle of a drag-a-thon weekend and was in RARE form. I guess 4 hours of sleep can do that to a Queen. My favorite antic by Samantha is when she stood on a stool a guest brought and performed an imitation of Vivian dancing. It was so damn funny I thought I was going to fall out of my DJ chair and that was at the beginning of the show. After that things just got crazier and funnier between the 3 of them. I would say it had to be one of the funniest brunches to date. If you missed out on the fun the next Three Queen Drag Brunch is July 26 at 11 am when Vivian’s guest will be Chanel Devereaux from KY and Alli Katt. Both have performed at brunch last year and I can’t wait to see them perform again.

Be sure to mark your July Calendars for these two hilarious shows.

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So it’s been a few days and I have to say I’m still some what shock that I can now legally wed Vivian and it will be recognized across the entire country. Getting married is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. It’s something I always thought about and wanted to, just didn’t think it would change so quickly. I’m thrilled it did because I have wanted to marry Vivian from almost the very beginning.

I have always it wasn’t love at first sight but love at first kiss when I met Vivian. It was something I never felt before and something I know I will never feel again. Yes I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s the absolute truth. It has been 12.5 years and I love Vivian more now than I did then. I’m not saying we don’t drive each other crazy and probably want to kill each other, but how isn’t that what love is about. LOL

I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Actually I can imagine it but it’s not a life I want. We have something special. Yes there are times we don’t feel it but another part of love is working through those times till you get back to what you know is real. I truly believe love is work. You have to believe in one another and you have to believe even in the tough times that it’s worth it.  Even during those tough times I never loose sight of what we have together. I’m extremely lucky to have Vivian in my life and I can’t wait to stand up in front of family and friends and confirm my lifetime commitment to her.

So for those of you asking or wondering the Von B wedding will happen but at his point in time we just don’t know when. The earliest it will be will be late 2016. Currently we are in the process of planning a few different Viv Inc Productions. Once those are out of the way we can turn our focus on to the wedding of the century. LMAO

To all of our friends who were married in different states, CONGRATULATIONS, your marriage is finally legal across the country!!!!

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Okay my Vivettes,

Here’s the latest from You Will Rise and The Von Bs:

ASK VIV!! That’s right you can submit questions and Vivian will answer them for you.

Check out the first one:

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June’s Visions of Vivian

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What a difference a year makes

I have been thinking a lot of late how much things have changed in the last year for not only Vivian but the Von Bs as a couple.

A year ago Vivian was being booked for other Queen’s shows and now not only is Vivian being booked for shows, but she is booking her own shows and groups have actually asked us to plan and produce Fund Raisers for their various charities. Honestly it’s something I never thought would happened. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Vivian could host her own show, that was something I always knew. I always thought she would never get the opportunity to do so. If you didn’t know Columbus, Ohio is a very competitive city when it comes to Drag. Plus we have some of the best if not THE BEST Queens any city can offer. So for those reasons I never thought any one would take a chance on Vivian.
So when Vivian got her chance she grabbed onto it with both hands and ran with it and boy did she make the most of it and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Not only did she make the most of the opportunity presented to her but she was also able use that opportunity to help not only the gay community but the Columbus community as a whole. What more could any one ask for from something that truly is a hobby for not just her but myself as well. Yes I will finally admit it, Drag as become a hobby of mine as well. Honestly how could it not after 5.5 years of Vivian being alive.

For me personally the best of part of Vivian are the Fund Raisers we have been able to produce. They have become something that I love being asked to do and some times something I actively pursue doing. There really isn’t a better feeling than helping others and some thing I would not have the opportunity to do if it was for Vivian; and all you, my Vivettes, you have continued to support everything Vivian does and promotes. Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts. If it wasn’t for your support I don’t know if Vivian could have come so far so quickly.

Please don’t take this entry as me bragging about Vivian because it’s not what it is at all. It’s a reflection of how much things can change if one has patience, drive and a passion to succeed. Plus support from a ton of different people. It took a village of people for Vivian to get where she is. So to all of those people, Thank You. It’s like Vivian always says “Everything happens for reason, some times we won’t realize what that reason is until much later.” There are times I don’t realize how wise Vivian is when it comes to life as a whole. Life for me is something I’m not very good at handling lucky for me I have Vivian to help guide me through it.

In summary thank you the last 5.5 years and wait to you see what we have in store for you in the future.

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Just My Drag Cents

So as I’m sure all of you are aware Religious Freedom has been in the news a lot lately thanks to Governor Pence and his signing of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law. As any responsible gay man, I have been reading and watching as many debates as I can to better understand both sides. Yes I’m a firm believer in knowing your enemy. So I watch and read many anti gay articles to learn as much as possible about the opposition.

On this particular topic though I feel our opposition has no idea what they want or what they are trying to fight for. In every interview I have watched supporters of the new law can never answer the simple question on why the law is needed or if it supports discrimination. I’m sorry if you can’t answer these basic questions there is something wrong, plain and simple. It always comes back to a person shouldn’t have to do something that goes against their religion.

What I don’t understand is how does selling a good or service to a same sex couple’s wedding go against one’s religion exactly.  These CUSTOMERS aren’t asking you to celebrate their wedding, they are asking your to service their wedding, and secondly their wedding is a civil one not a religious one. There is a difference between the two and the very constitution you like to quote for “your freedom of religion” also states “separation of Church and State” and “all men are create equal”. You can’t have one without the other and I’m sorry but when it comes to a business that falls more under the header of state than Church.

But even more basic thanks to state laws your business  is to serve the public, all of the public not just the ones you want. If that is the type of business you want to run then change it to a private business where your customers have to pay a membership fee and agree to terms of service. Then you can serve only “your kind of people”.

A same same couple wishing to purchase goods or services for their wedding  does not prevent you from practicing your religion and I’m sorry you practicing your religion should not prevent  them from getting what they need for their wedding. To me that is very reason for the separation of the Church from the State.


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So my Vivettes, this past Friday was the third Queens & Weiners show at Dirty Franks West and I have to say WOW and THANK YOU for all your support. The place was packed once again. Each month this show grows and honestly we could be happier.

I have to say the only down fall this show is I can’t really give a recap because I’m stuck in the DJ booth ( the office) playing the music. However from the applauds and laughter that I do get to hear it sounds like everyone from the queens to the audience to the staff is having a fantastic time.

This show just re-enforces to me one of Vivian’s biggest assets is her hosting ability. Yes Vivian may not dance the house down but she is one hell of a host and entertainer. It shows each and every time Vivian hosts that she is there to make sure everyone is having a good time. She doesn’t do it for the money or for recognition she does it becalmed  she just loves entertaining.
I have to say from the glimpses of the show I was able to hear and see Friday night Vivian was having a great time and I think part of that was because I did stress her out before the show, more on that in a later entry.

So Vivettes if you have not attended a Queens & Weiners Show or even a Three Queen Drag Brunch you are really missing out, because you see a side of Vivian that I have been writing about for the last almost four years.

It’s some thing everyone should see because honestly you will leave loving Vivian even more than you did before.

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Little Big Town Girl Crush

Incredible Song that everyone should purchase. The “controversy” around this song is just STUPID!!! There is nothing gay about the lyrics and even if there was who cares. Love is Love.


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Dear Indiana


Normally I believe in taking the high road when it comes to Anti-LGBT anything but I’m when it comes to Indiana’s new law to “Protect Religious Freedom” I just can’t take that road.

If people who are religious and running a business really want to follow what the Bible says they would NOT discriminate because they disagree with a costumer what ever the reason is.

You see I have studied the Bible I felt I had to since it has been used as a weapon for so long and the core message of the Bible is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE plain and simple. No matter what the story, the message is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE even the ones that are used to preach hate, but then again if your heart is filled with HATE that is all you will take away from any lesson.

So Indiana go ahead and protect Discrimination in your back water state. My parents taught me better and I know when the final judgement comes I can go before who ever the judges may be with a clear conscience knowing that I tried to make the world a more accepting and loving place.

That Indiana is what your so called “true christians” should be doing. Not promoting hate and intolerance.


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Pros and Cons of being a Drag Husband Part 2

So yes I wrote Part 1 a little over a month ago and I figured it was finally time to write part 2 and list what the Pros of being a Drag Husband. This one will be a little different format and I’m going to just list them in no particular order.

1) The look in Vivian’s eyes when she is figuring out some thing new, whether that be a new costume, song, hair or what ever it is. Seeing the joy in Vivian’s yes just makes me melt and makes all the cons worth it.

2) The Pride I have for Vivian. Yes the Von Bs have made mistakes over these last 5.5 years and I’m sure we’ll make mistakes in the future. However through those mistakes Vivian has never lost sight of why she does drag. No matter what obstacles she has encountered she hold on to her principles and I couldn’t be more proud of her for it. She does it the Von B way and I know she will continue to do it that way.

3) The fun. Yes I will say it I have fun with all of this. I try to fight it as much as I can but in the end I can’t deny being married to Vivian is just plain fun. Now I’m not saying it is fun 100 % of the time but come on it this wasn’t fun why would we do it.

4)Raising money for causes I believe in. Now if I was going to rank these pros this one would be number 1 for sure. Over the last 5.5 years events that Vivian has participated in or ones that we have planned have raised tens of thousand of causes. For me the main reason for drag is charity and both Vivian and I have done every thing in our power to ensure that is a driving force behind the Von Bs.

5) The people I have met. If it wasn’t for Vivian I would have missed out on meeting some incredible people. Drag Queens attract some amazing people and Vivian is no different. I have met people that have made me want to be a better person which leads me to #6.

6) Being with Vivian makes me want to be a better person. Vivian’s heart is as big as her hair and honestly I want to be more like her. She always she’s the best in not only people but situations and I am doing my damnedest to the same thing.

7) The increase in my self confidence. When you are married to a Drag Queen you share them with everyone. This is something I have a problem with from time to time and some thing that I continually work on. It it was for Vivian I think I would be even more timid that I am. Yes I know some of you won’t believe that but it’s true.

8) The support we have for each other. Being gay is hard enough sometimes and being involved in the drag community makes it even harder from time to time. Neither one of us would be able to do anything we do with out the other one’s love and support. If it was for Vivian I would have never had the courage to apply to CCAD and get accepted.

9) She is my muse. Yes I know it sounds corny but Vivian really is my muse and inspiration for my art. It’s a new feeling for me but one that I am enjoying.

10) Love plain and simple. I love Jeff with all my heart so in turn I love Vivian. This is something I do not say or type quite often if ever but it’s true. As much as Vivian and Jeff are separate entieties the are the same. Each one makes me a better person and I’m lucky to have both of them in my life.

So there you have it my pros of being a Drag Husband. I’m sure one or two surprised you because one or two surprised me.




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